Question: What Is 2 Days After The Day Before Yesterday?

Where is today before yesterday?

Explanation: Well the logic used to solve this riddle is that in the dictionary words or letters are organised Alphabetically and hence Today comes before Yesterday because in the alphabet order or alphabetically the Letter T comes before the Letter Y.

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What day is 72 hours from Sunday?

But 72 hours is “three days,” and the third day after Sunday is Wednesday (1=Monday; 2=Tuesday; 3=Wednesday). But if you start on Sunday and insert 72 hours (three days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday), the next day after that 72 hours is Thursday.

Which day will come 2 days after Sunday?

Do you mean the second day after Sunday? — that’s Tuesday. Do you mean the day that follows the two days after Sunday? — that’s Wednesday.

What day comes 3 days after the day?

TuesdayAnswer Expert Verified Tuesday is the day that comes third after the day which comes second after the day which comes immediately after the day which comes second after monday.

What will be the day after tomorrow if yesterday was Monday?

WednesdayDay before yesterday is a Saturday, hence today is a Monday. Thus, day after tomorrow will be a Wednesday.

Which day comes just before Friday?

Poroper Nouns – Days of the WeekQuestionAnswer4. What day comes before Sunday?Saturday5. What day comes after Sunday?Monday6. What day comes before Friday?Thursday7. What day comes after Saturday?Sunday4 more rows

Which is the third day after Monday?

According to the international standard ISO 8601, Wednesday is the third day of the week. However, in the US, Canada, and Japan, it’s counted as the fourth day of the week. Why does Wednesday follow Tuesday? It is in the middle of the common 5-day workweek that starts on Monday and ends on Friday.

What day is yesterday if Monday is in two days?

Two days after Monday is Wednesday. If this was the day before yesterday, then it was 2 days ago. That would make today Friday.

What day follows the day before yesterday if two days from now will be Sunday?

ThursdayWhat day follows the day before yesterday if two days from now will be Sunday? Thursday. The key is to realize that “now” must be Friday. In the phrase “Two days from now will be Sunday,” you can see that now must be Friday, since two days from Friday is Sunday.

What day comes two days after the day which comes?

What day comes three days after the day which comes two days after the day which comes immediately after the day which comes two days after Monday? Asked by Yogesh Dholariya on in MATHEMETICS. So, Answer is TUESDAY. It is Tuesday.

Which day is three days before the day immediately following the day two days before the day five days after the day immediately before Monday?

Tuesday is two days before Thursday immediately following Wednesday three days before Saturday two days after Thursday immediately before Friday.

Which day of the week is 2 days before the day after the Day 3 days after the day before Tuesday?

Two days after that is Saturday. Three days before that is Wednesday. The day immediately following that is Thursday, Two days before that is Tuesday, so the final and correct answer is Tuesday.

What day of the week comes after Monday?

Tuesday1. Tuesday comes after Monday. 2. Tuesday comes before Wednesday.

What is the end of the weekend?

By the end of the week means ‘before midnight on Sunday’. By the weekend generally means ‘before midnight on Friday’, i.e. before the weekend. For some people, Sunday is the first day not the last day.

What was the day after the day before the day after yesterday?

The day before yesterday was two days ago; the day after the day before yesterday was yesterday; two days after that (yesterday) is tomorrow.