Quick Answer: Do Apple Orders Come Early?

Where do Apple orders ship from?

If you’ve ordered a new device, shipment details should already be available, with iPhones and Apple Watches shipping from China and arriving in the United States.

Many iPhones and Apple Watch models have just recently shipped from China so there aren’t a lot of tracking details available..

Do Apple products ship early?

But Apple is trying to leverage its size, power and cash reserves to continue to ship and sell products during the outbreak. Some of the new devices it announced Wednesday will be available to ship as early as next week.

How long do Apple orders take to arrive?

Free two-day shipping For in-stock items, qualifying orders placed before 5pm Monday to Friday will be delivered in two business days. Orders placed after 5pm will be delivered in three business days.

Do iphones ever arrive early?

Apple shipments very often do come earlier than the original estimate, but of course you can’t count on that. Especially launch day (hour) orders that give a weeks-later estimate – that often gets moved up. Apple does everything in its power, however, to prevent it coming earlier than launch day.

Does Apple overestimate shipping?

It depends. Apple typically overestimates, but some rarely bought custom models do have longer shipping times, because they have to be manufactured and ship from China after the order is placed, so it may take a little longer than normal shipping.

Why are Apple products taking so long to ship?

The explanation is likely twofold. The global COVID-19 pandemic has caused slowdowns in manufacturing and shipping, making it difficult for Apple to load the sales pipeline to the extent that it normally does.