What Does Impede Mean In Law?

What does asunder mean?

adverb, adjective into separate parts; in or into pieces: Lightning split the old oak tree asunder.

apart or widely separated: as wide asunder as the polar regions..

What is another word for affluent?

Some common synonyms of affluent are opulent, rich, and wealthy.

What does dividing asunder mean?

into separate piecesAsunder is an adverb that means “into separate pieces.” So if you’ve torn your ex’s love letter asunder, you’ve forcefully ripped it into separate pieces — and rightly so.

What is another word for impede?

Some common synonyms of impede are block, hinder, and obstruct.

What is impede learning?

[+ object] : to slow the movement, progress, or action of (someone or something) He claims that economic growth is being impeded by government regulations. They were accused of impeding [=blocking, hindering] the administration of justice. The soldiers could not impede the enemy’s advance.

What was impeding something?

To impede something is to delay or block its progress or movement. Carrying six heavy bags will impede your progress if you’re trying to walk across town in a hurry. Impede comes from the Latin impedire which literally means “to hold the feet,” formed from the prefix in-, (“in”) plus pes (“foot”).

What is the meaning of impede?

to retard in movementto retard in movement or progress by means of obstacles or hindrances; obstruct; hinder.

What does relentlessly mean?

Relentless is a good word for describing something that’s harsh, unforgiving, and persistent, like the hot sun in the desert, or a cold that keeps you in bed for days with a nose like a strawberry. When you’re relentless about something, you mean business.

What is the meaning of grueling?

: trying or taxing to the point of exhaustion : punishing a grueling race.

What God put together no man put asunder?

The injunction is taken from the Bible, Matthew 19:6. It appears first in print in English in Miles Coverdale’s Bible, 1535: Now are they not twayne then, but one flesh. Let not man therfore put a sunder, that which God hath coupled together.

What does curiosity mean?

the desire to learn or know about anything; inquisitiveness. a curious, rare, or novel thing. a strange, curious, or interesting quality.

What does hold back mean?

transitive verb. 1a : to hinder the progress or achievement of : restrain. b : to keep from advancing to the next stage, grade, or level. 2 : to refrain from revealing or parting with held back important information. intransitive verb.

What do you mean by not to impede?

Not to impede Passage means not to come to a situation where risk of collosions arises and never to imepde passage; its like always the give away vessel. Fishing vessels are not supposed to fish in the traffic lanes and if they do they are always give away vessel.

What is asunder rent?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe torn/split/rent etc asunderbe torn/split/rent etc asunder literaryto be torn violently apart or destroyed a nation torn asunder by internal conflicts → asunderExamples from the Corpusbe torn/split/rent etc asunder• If the momentum picks up, conventional politics could …

What is the past tense of impede?

past tense of impede is impeded.

How do you use impede in a sentence?

Impede sentence examplesThe underbrush will impede the progress of the hunted animal. … I have fallen off three times already, which is starting to impede my progress. … If the reefs impede navigation they form some good harbours. … This will impede learning, essentially causing more problems than solutions.More items…

What is the opposite of impede?

impede(verb) Antonyms: expede, help, assist, expedite.