What Happens If You’Re Not Home For Amazon Delivery?

Can I leave delivery instructions Amazon?

Go to the Account for [business name] drop-down menu and select Your Account.

Select Your Addresses.

Select Add delivery instructions under the relevant address..

What happens if I’m not in when Hermes deliver?

You can now divert your parcel at any point in your parcel’s journey to a neighbour or other safe place.

What happens if you miss Hermes delivery 3 times?

Hermes will attempt to deliver your parcel on three separate days, before returning the parcel back to our premises. If you do miss three seperate delivery attempts from Hermes, then the parcel will be returned back to our warehouse and we will issue a refund for this upon arrival. …

What happens if you’re not home for a delivery?

If you’re not at home at the time of delivery, the courier will try to reach you to arrange a new attempt or leave a note at your door with more information. If you’ve entered a mobile phone number when you originally placed your order, you will also receive a text message with a unique link to manage your shipment.

What happens if I’m not home for Amazon delivery UK?

If Amazon Logistics can’t deliver your parcel to your address, they’ll try up to four more times. If they’re still unable to deliver, then it will be returned to their Fulfilment Centre. Then your payment card will be refunded, including delivery costs.